1100 LT – 2140 LT Slimline Kingspan 1860mm High




Kingspan Made to Measure 1100LT to 2140LT SLimline Water Tanks  

Kingspan Slimline Water Tanks are a great alternative for tight spaces and allow you to maximize your water storage. All our Slimline Water Tanks are manufactured with Bluescope  Aquaplate® material and have a fully engineered internal stainless steel support frame.

Key Benefits:

  • Made with quality AQUAPLATE ® Steel
  • Lined with a food grade polymer so water never touches the steel
  • Narrow shape for small spaces
  • Rigid cross bracing system, won’t bulge or bow
  • Modern style
  • Capacity up to 10,000L
  • Available in any size
  • Industry-leading warranty

Kingspan Slimline water tanks come with;

  • 400mm leaf screen and light guard
  • 90mm or 100mm overflow fitting
  • 25mm threaded tank outlet
  • 25mm brass ball valve

Additional fittings are available on request, and the location of the fittings can be specified for each tank.

Kingspan offers a 10-year warranty on its industry-leading construction workmanship. A 20-year corrosion warranty is provided for the BlueScope Aquaplate steel component.  A long-lasting tank that you can rely on.

Tank Base
Tanks should not be placed directly onto the ground and must be installed on a firm, stable platform with no overhang of the tank over the edge of the base. For further information refer to Kingspan Tank Base Preparation Guide.

There are a range of accessories such as pumps, filters, level indicators, rain heads and stands that are available from Kingspan.

Inlet Strainers

Anodised aluminium mesh or stainless is recommended for Inlet Strainers. Copper or copper alloys must not be used. Overflow diameter should match inflow pipe diameter. A PVC Overflow with appropriately contoured flanges or a stormwater pipe adaptor should be fitted and a gauze filter should also be fitted to exclude mosquitoes.

Odour & Taste
Care should be taken to ensure that contaminants are not introduced into the water tank. In the event that any odour or taste is noticed, the catchment area should be checked for contaminants such as lichen or deceased animals as these are known to affect water quality. New tanks should be flushed out if slight odour or taste is present.

Quality Assurance
Kingspan operates under the ISO9001 Quality Management System. Each tank passes through a 20 point quality inspection. Tanks are water tested for structural integrity.

Made to Measure Information

Height 580mm – 2470mm
Width 550mm – 1150mm
Length 1200mm – 4000mm
Min Size 600 litres
Max Size 10,000 litres
Verticall Wall Precision roll formed 0.6mm AQUAPLATE® steel
Base Double sided AQUAPLATE® steel (internal & external polymer lining)
Lid Colorbond® or Z450 grade material
Rivets V Tek Screws Henrob self piercing rivets. Reinforced 6mm, grade 304 stainless steel tension rods
Sealing Neutral cure silicone sealant potable water approved
Corrugations Corrugations for the tank walls comply with AS1445
Corrosion Protection Z450 Galvanised, Z275 Colorbond®, Painted – Low VOC Acrylic type paint
Thermal Resistance Do not store water at temperatures in excess of 65°C



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