Graf 900 LT Sapphire Underground Pit



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900 LT Graf Sapphire Underground Tank Pit

  • Suitable as a universal shaft, inspection shaft, shaft for downstream UV systems, inspection shaft, pump shaft and lifting shaft
  • Numerous connection options for easy installation DN 100 / DN 150
  • Telescopic / inclinable dome shaft for easy alignment with the connection lines
  • Easy to transport thanks to its low weight
  • With crane lugs for easy handling and placement in the excavation
  • Including seal for easy assembly of the telescopic dome shaft
  • Sealed to the surface of the terrain
  • Groundwater stable 600 l and 900 l up to a height of 43 cm from the tank bottom and 1,200 l up to a height of 55 cm from the tank bottom
  • Unique stability and precise fit of the components
  • May only be driven over if a self-supporting, iron-reinforced concrete bridge is installed
  • 15 Year Warranty


  • Telescopic Lid Shafts
  • Multiple inlet ports and lifting lugs
  • Ground Water Stable
  • Ribbed Design


  • Product Code: 1909448
  • Depth: 1330mm (not including lid or any risers)
  • Diameter: 1155mm
  • 900 Litre Capacity
  • Available with polyethylene pedestrian duty 700mm x 700mm access cover/lid OR Class B/Class D cast iron lid
  • Weight: 47kg

Graf 900 Litre Pit Underground Tank

Graf Lid Options Underground Tanks

What are the onsite delivery requirements?

To allow for a smooth delivery process, we need you to confirm that we will have no difficulty in accessing your property, and that there will be someone home to assist and secure the tank.

If your property is off a main road or street, accessibility must be possible. We require clear access for a truck and trailer combination which is up to 19 metres long, 2.5 metres wide and 4.6 metres high. If this is not provided or is impossible, the driver will leave the tanks at the closest possible place. Our delivery vehicles cannot negotiate overhanging trees, rough roads and tight bends etc.

In addition to the driver, we require at least one other able bodied person present on site for the delivery to assist the driver with unloading the tank/s.

It is important to note that it is the owner’s responsibility to store the tank securely to prevent it from rolling or blowing away, if it is unable to be installed straight away.



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Dimensions (mm)

1155D x 13430H

Supplied Accessories

Poly Class A Lid

Product Documents

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