ASC UP-400VP Submersible Drainage Pump 240V


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ASC UP-400VP Submersible Drainage Pump

The UP-400VP is a two -in-one automatic submersible vortex/drainage pump.

The series of submersible pumps have been designed to pump impure water which
contains no fiber. It’s usually used at home by manual or automatic way, and it’s also used
to pump the liquid in the sewer, rainwater, the leakage from groove and so on. As its
compact shape and well operability, the electric pump could be used for gardening or in
other normal condition as a portable suction pump.
Never use this kind of electric pump in a swimming pool, a pond or a tank where is quite
crowded or somewhere exists dangerous hydrocarbon (petrol, diesel, fuel oil, solvent and
so on) which might cause accident.


  • The electric pump is allowed to use in the basement and souterrain, only if all
    safety protections conform to the regulations;
  • You can move the electric pump with the carrying handle, and you can also tie the
    rope on the carrying handle to move it when using in narrow space like well.
  • Never allowed to run under no-load condition.
  • If the electric pump is damaged or changed maliciously, producers can’t ensure
    that the electric pump could work normally.
  • There is an exhaust on the contact surface of the pump body and head cover. It’s a
    normal phenomenon for an electric pump that a little water leaks from the hole
    during normal working.
  • The water quality might change due to the non-toxic oil in the sealing device.
    We can’t avoid the leakage of the electric pump no matter how pure the water is.

Technical Parameters
Supply Power: 220 – 240V
Input Power: 0.4kW / 50 Hz
Max Flow: 9m3/h
Max Head: 5m

Current: 3A

Motor Duty: Continuous
Degree Of Motor Protection: Class F
Protection Class: IPX8
Ambient Temperature: -5o C to 40º C
Fluid Temperature: 0o C to 35o C
MAX Immersion Depth: 7m
Outlet: G1 1/4

Weight: 5kg

Other Technical Parameters
Pump type Clean water pump Dirty water pump Two-in-one(clean) Two-in-one(dirty)
MAX. dia. of particle 5 mm 25 mm 5mm 30 mm
Min. suction water level 30 mm 60 mm 70 mm 95mm
Min. residual water level 3mm 30mm 1mm 40mm

Switch Function

The float switch starts and stops the pump automatically, the electric pump will be turned on when
the water level rises to a certain position to turn on the float switch, and when the fall of the water
level causes the float switch to be turned off, the electric pump will be turn off automatically.
There is a cable groove on the side of the pump, which users can be used to adjust the length of the
switch power cable. Make sure the switch can freely swing when you have adjusted the length of the
switch power cable.
The two-in-one pump can adjust the feet position to change the working state of the pump. The clean
water status changes into the dirty: put the bottom of the electric pump facing you, and rotate the
feet anticlockwise to active state, then pull out the feet and rotate it anticlockwise to the end.
The dirty water status changes into the clean: put the bottom of the electric pump facing you, and
rotate the feet clockwise to active state, then push the feet in and rotate it clockwise to the end.

The pump is characterised by:

  • Automatic float switch
  • Can be converted to puddle pumping duty (down to 5mm)
  • Ability to pump water containing soft solids to 25mm
  • Ability to pump water containing organic content
  • Corrosion resistant pump components to ensure durability.

Pipe Connections Suction/Discharge: 1-1/4″ BSPF

Discharge Outlet Size: 32mm

Warranty on pump: 2 Year

Dimensions (mm): 215L x 165D x 330H


Pump Body/Impeller: Noryl Glass Reinforced

Seals: Nitrile

O-Rings: Nitrile

Power Cable: 10m Cable H05 3G0.75.


  • The electric pump shouldn’t be turned on more than twenty times per minute in order
    to avoid the electric pump to be started repeatedly, which might reduce the service life
    of the electric pump.
  • The risk of frost: if the electric pump need to be placed under 0 it’s necessary to
    ensure that there is no liquid left in the pump in order to avoid the part of the electric
    pump to be damaged.
  • The electric pump need to be washed by clean water after used under a condition of
    sediment, in order to avoid blocking or performance reduction caused by the sediment.


  • If the electric pump works under a condition of a lot of impurity, it’s suggested to place the
    electric pump at a certain height so as not to make the inlet of the pump blocked.
  •  It’s the best working state when the electric pump is completely under water.
  • It’s necessary to ensure that the electric pump works at the place where the float switch can
    move freely.

The electric pump doesn’t need any professional maintenance when working normally, but
the removal must be done by the professional. Anyway, all repair and maintenance must
be done after the power has been cut off.
Make sure that the inlet at the bottom of the pump has been well installed when turning on
the pump in order to avoid the mechanical accident. Repair and replacement
If the production breaks down and needs repair, please send it to the authorized repair
center. The manufacturer won’t be responsible for any results caused by the repair
without authorization.





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