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Bianco BIA-iPRESS Controller – Auto Restart and Adjustable Cut in/Cut out
The BIA-iPRESS is a device used to control electric 240V pumps of 2.2kW or less. The iPRESS is the first electric pump controller with a fully adjustable cut in (start) pressure of between 0.5-6.0 bar and a cut out (stop) pressure of between 0.8-9.8 bar. The iPRESS has the ability to operate as either a standard auto restart pressure controller (start pressure to be set) or an automatic restart loss of prime pressure switch (start and stop pressure to be set).

Auto Restart Function
When the pump loses prime it will stop working after 20 seconds then restart after 10 seconds and runs for 40 seconds and then stops. Then after 10 seconds runs for another 40 seconds after which if no water is available the pump will turn off for 24 hours repeating the process every 24 hours until water is available.

Construction Characteristics

  • Real time indication of system pressure displayed on LED display
  • Automatic restart
  • German approved food grade materials
  • Housing PA66 reinforced Nylon

Applications: Suitable for supplying water to domestic households. Also suitable for small scale garden irrigation.
Package Information 1.5kg L 210mm x H 190mm x W 180mm

The new iPRESS controller combines the advantages of both a standard pressure switch and a typical electronic automatic restart controller

Features and Benefits

  • Starts and stops the pump automatically when the tap is open or closed. This means the operator does not need to turn off the pump after use.
  • Maintains a constant pressure during operation resulting in a reliable water supply when required
  • Automatically stops the pump in the situation of no flow (due to inlet pump blockage) and will automatically resume normal operation once the blockage is removed
  • Automatically restarts normal operation in the event of power being cut off to the control. This gives the homeowner peace of mind that the unit will continue to operate even if they are away on holidays
  • Controller is able to keep the pump running at flows as low as 0.5L/min to maintain water supply
  • Plug and play leads (IEC type) installed on the controller so that a licensed electrician is not required to replace the controller if required
  • Change between Mode 1 (Change Cut In pressure only) and Mode 2 (Change Cut In and cut out) via a single button push.
  • Real time indication of system pressure displayed so a separate in line pressure gauge is not required
  • Special non return valve to avoid water surging.

Technical Specifications
Brand: White International
Casing Material: Technopolymer
Kilo Watts: 2.2 kW
Port Size Inlet: 1″ BSPM Inlet
Port Size Outlet 1″ BSPM outlet
Product Type: Pump Controller
Volts: 240 V

Technical Specification
Construction Characteristics.
Inlet 1” BSP male
Outlet 1” BSP male
Special non-return valve to avoid surges. YES
Security system to avoid operation of the pump without water. YES
Manual start switch (RESET) YES
Pump working LED (ON) NO
Security system LED (STATUS) YES
1.5 metre lead and 3 pin Australian/New Zealand plug. YES
0.6 metre pump power lead, 3 pin plug and play YES
 Adjustable cut in (start) pressure YES
Technical characteristics
Voltage: 220-240V
Maximum current: 16(8) Amps
Maximum kW: 2.2
Frequency: 50 Hz
Ingress protection: IP65
Maximum water temperature: 60 deg C.
Starting pressure 0.5-6.0 bar.
Stop pressure 0.8-9.8 bar.
Maximum working pressure: 10 bar
Minimum flow 0.5 l/m






Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 18 cm

Product Documents

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