Davey Hurricane Swim System M7402 Turbo Pool Pump


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Davey Hurricane Swim System M7402 Turbo Pool Pump [H300M]

Turn your pool into a leisure and sports zone with the Davey Hurricane counter swim system. Easy to install, this high powered pump and specially designed turbo swim jet outlet provides high flow of jet water to swim against. With 3 settings for increased swim resistance, the Davey Hurricane swim system is a fantastic addition to make your fun pool into an efficient swim statio

Motor / power: 2300W
Max. flow: 1300LT/min
Head: 15m
Inlet: 65 mm
Outlet: 65 mm
Pressure: 150kPa
Warranty on pump: 3 Years

Ideal for most swimming pool applications such as:
• Lap pools
• Concrete and tile pools
• Fibreglass pools
• Swim Jet installation
• Sport or rehabilitation installations

  • Maximises the value and enjoyment of your pool
  • High powered pump provides a high flow jet of water to swim against
  • Swim jet controlled by air switch on swim jet. No need to leave the pool to turn on or off
  • Turbo swim jet outlet provides 3 settings for jet flow control
  • Simple installation of swim jet – only one hole required for both suction and return points
  • Designed for dependability and long life using corrosion resistant, UV stabilised materials
  • Self priming up to 4 metres for easy operation and installation
  • Stainless steel pump shaft suited for salt chlorinated pools
  • 65mm barrel unions for easy installation to large OD pipe
  • 65-80mm PVC adaptors also available for easy connection to DN80 pipe – M3689
  • 2 Year guarantee


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