Davey Typhoon M7522 Swimming Pool Pump


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As part of Daveys Internet Policy we need to contact you to make sure you are buying the right product for your application. Please pay a deposit, and we will call you within 10 minutes (normal business hours) of your order to confirm you have selected the right pump. If not we will gladly assist you in selecting the right pump and otherwise refund you in full.

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Davey Typhoon M7522 T Series Swimming Pool Pump 

Capture the power of a Typhoon. Davey Typhoon offers exceptional flow rates and high performance water circulation for your larger pool, with a choice of seven models. Typhoon is also ideal for multi-story solar heating applications.

  • Heavy duty, powerful pool pump delivering high performance for rapid pool and spa circulation and solar heating applications.
  • The range of Davey Typhoon Swimming Pool pumps are cost effective, deliver high performance and offer a range that will suit all applications.
  • Large flow rates and high head pressure are a feature of the Davey Typhoon range, and a 15AMP model will suit installations with higher power draw.

You can choose from the Davey Typhoon C series range, or the larger Davey Typhoon T series range for when you need that little bit extra.


  • Auto pool cleaning
  • Backwashing
  • Water Features
  • Spa jet operation
  • Solar pool heating



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