Hyjet RM460 Tank to Mains Switch Over


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Hyjet HCM4-60 Horizontal Multistage Pump

Motor / power: 1100W
Max. flow:  116 litres / minute
Head: 58m
Outlet diameter: 25 mm
Tap Guide: 10 taps
Water Temperature: 0-70 Degrees Celsius
Pump Style: Horizontal Multistage
Material: Stainless steel impellers, chamber and shaft. NBR carbon/ceramic mechanical seal. IP55 motor. Heavy duty brass coupling.
Warranty on pump: 2 Years


  • Household water supply & irrigation
  • Rainwater tank pumpset
  • Water transfer
  • Pressure boosting


  • Automatic pressure controller
  • Run dry protection
  • Quiet operation


  • Stainless steel impellers, chambers & shaft
  • NBR carbon / ceramic mechanical seal
  • IP55 motor
  • Insulation class F
  • Heavy duty brass coupling

Hyjet DH Series Performance Curve


MaxiSAVE RM Kit Series

Managing Our Precious Resource

  • The MaxiSAVE RM1000 is an automatic Rainwater Changeover Controller. With unique electronic features, the MaxiSAVE RM1000 is the smartest unit available.
  • The MaxiSAVE RM1000 allows tank water to be used for water supply in preference to mains water.
  • The RM1000 will automatically switch to mains water in the event of power failure or low tank water level.
  • The MaxiSAVE RM1000 allows for high flow water demands, due to negligible restriction on the pump supply. This makes it ideal for irrigation and larger home applications.
  • The MaxiSAVE RM1000 is designed to save water and reduce water expenses. It may also entitle you to claim a rebate when installed by a licensed plumber.
  • The MaxiSAVE RM1000 is energy efficient using less than 100mA, thanks to the unique electronics and specially designed control valve.


  • Heavy duty unit for Commercial and Domestic applications.
  • LED light indication for: Mains Water in use (Red Light) – Tank Water in use (Green Light).
  • System test button – Provides a change of system status
  • Ease of installation;
    – External mounting brackets on controller.
    – All connections in one common location for neat and tidy installation.
    – Plug in low voltage float switch, valve & pump connections (no electrician required).
  • MaxiSAVE RM1000 is Watermarked Approved – ATS 5200.477 LIC WMKA22118
  • MaxiSAVE RM1000 uses approved electrical components – No. N17601



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