Onga Blazemaster BM10BSE Twin Stage Fire Pump – Electric Start


Onga Blazemaster BM10BSE Twin Stage Fire Pump – Briggs & Stratton Petrol Engine Drive – Electric Start 
Onga has a vast range of fire fighting pumps to accommodate your requirements. The Twin stage Fire Fighting pump provides higher pressure, allowing you to fight fires from a safer distance.
Often getting power to a site near a bore, creek, river or dam is difficult or even impossible. For all those situations, Onga offers the engine driven versions of its dependable cast iron jet and centrifugal pumps. Coupled to shallow or deep well injectors, these pumps can be adapted to almost any job, and deliver water where and when you need it without the exorbitant cost of running electrical lines and come available in a wide range of petrol (Honda and Briggs & Stratton), diesel (Yanmar and Kohler), recoil and electric start models.

Fire fighting, tank filling, water transfer, boom spraying and irrigation.

  • The Blazemaster Twin stage Fire Fighting pump provides higher pressure, allowing you to fight fires from a safer distance
  • Briggs and Stratton Intek™ I/C race-bred series engine for reliability, durability and performance.
  • Manual and electric start options for versatility.
  • Fuel tap with sediment bowl and sight glass for greater ease when checking fuel and servicing.
  • Dual element air filter for cleaner operation.
  • Polyethylene fuel tank for impact / corrosion resistance.
  • ‘Run sense’ low oil protection to protect the engine from low oil failures and engine damage.


  • Big Pump Body with raised suction port
  • Larger diameter impellers
  • CFD* designed hydraulic components
  • FEA* designed pump components
  • Inbuilt non-return valve
  • Large diameter priming ports
  • Large raised handle
  • Cast Aluminium construction


  • Better Priming capability
  • Higher discharge head
  • Higher performance and efficiency
  • Higher strength with low weight
  • Assists priming performance
  • Quicker installation and service
  • Fast and easy priming set-up
  • Better ergonomics
  • Strength, durability and lightweight portability

Operating Conditions

  • Suitable for pumping clean non-aggressive liquids without solids or fibres in suspension.
  • Fluid:
    *Maximum water temperature: 55°C.
    *Minimum water temperature: 1°C.
    *Maximum ambient temperature:40°C.
    *Maximum casing pressure: 1300kPa.
  • For liquids outside of this range please consult your local Onga office for product suitability.
  • Viton seal kit available as replacement service part.
  • Engine performance greatly reduced with increased ambient temperature and/ or altitude, clarify with Engine Manufacturer









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