Onga Blazemaster BM90H Twin Stage Fire Pump


Onga Blazemaster BM90H Twin Stage – Petrol Engine Fire Fighting Pump 

Onga has a vast range of fire fighting pumps to accommodate your requirements. The twin stage fire fighting pump provides higher pressure, allowing you to fight fires from a safer distance. Often getting power to a site near a bore, creek, river or dam is difficult or even impossible. Available in a wide range of petrol (Honda and Briggs & Stratton), diesel (Yanmar and Kohler), recoil and electric start models.

  • The Blazemaster Twin series are dual-impeller pumps designed to give you more pressure whilst delivering more water.
  • Cast aluminium construction means strength, durability and lightweight portability.
  • Big pump body with raised suction port for better priming capability.
  • Larger diameter impellers providing higher discharge head.
  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) designed hydraulic components means higher performance and efficiency.
  • Honda’s inner-vent carburettor places the float bowl vent on the “clean side” of the air filter elements so that the air/fuel ratio remains more constant as the elements become dirty. This allows the length of the service interval for air filter maintenance to be more than doubled.


  • Big pump body with raised suction port. – Better priming capability.
  • Larger diameter impellers. – Higher discharge head.
  • CFD* designed hydraulic components. – Higher performance and efficiency.
  • FEA* designed pump components. – Higher strength with low weight.
  • Inbuilt non-return valve. – Assists priming performance.
  • Easy access to non-return valve. – Quicker installation and service.
  • Large diameter priming ports. – Fast and easy priming set-up.
  • Large raised handle. – Better ergonomics.
  • Cast Aluminium construction. – Strength, durability and lightweight portability


  • Firefighting
  • Tank filling
  • Water transfer
  • Boom spraying
  • Irrigation



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