Onga Farmmaster JJ400 Shallow Well Pump


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Onga Farmmaster JJ400, 240V Shallow Well Pump (injectors sold separately)

The Farmmaster Junior Jet JJ range are compact and efficient pumps. Constructed in cast iron with precision-moulded hydraulic components they are built for many years of hard work. For those looking for a household pump for the largest homes the JJ400 can provide strong pressure throughout. Suitable for stock watering irrigation and water transfer from dams creeks wells and bores. With a range of shallow & deep well injectors these pumps cater to a variety of performance requirements. Simply by changing the injector you can utilise the pump for different applications e.g. Low head water transfer and low volume house pressure supply.


  • The JJ pumps equipped with deep well injectors are ideal for supplying water from sources where the suction lift is greater than 7.6 metre
  • If your source changes, they can easily be converted between shallow well and deep well applications – there is no need to buy another pump
  • Non-corroding injector materials make it suitable for hard water areas
  • Cast iron casing and other parts make it suitable for rugged conditions
  • Heavy duty industrial totally enclosed, fan cooled motor provides long life


  • Tank Filling
  • Stock watering
  • Irrigation and water transfer from dams, creeks, wells and bores

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