Onga HI-FLO415 Medium Head Centrifugal Pump


Onga HI-FLO415 Medium Head Centrifugal Pump  


  • The 400 series is constructed of high grade corrosion resistant materials
  • Provides water flows up to 270 liters a minute or maximum pressure up to 26 meters
  • Model 413 is ideally suited to circulation duty in hydroponic greenhouses and water transfer
  • Casings are moulded out of strong ABS, making them suitable for the harshest of conditions


  • High flow water transfer, light industrial and animal hygiene stations

Motor / power: 750W
Max. flow:  270 litres / minute
Head: 24m
Suction hose diameter: 1.25″/ 32mm
Discharge hose diameter: 1.25″ / 32mm
Operating Pressure: 140kPa
Body Material: Stainless Steel
Warranty on pump: 1 Years

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 45 × 21 × 30 cm



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