Onga OJ700E Farmmaster Honda Engine Deep Well Pump


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Onga OJ700E Honda Engine Driven Farmmaster Water Transfer Pump 

When your property needs a serious jet-assisted pump independent of electrical supply, only cast iron is good enough. Other materials just won`t stand up to the extreme pressures common in engine driven jet assisted pumps. Combining the best jet pumps available with the most reliable engines results in the Onga OJ700E and OJ800E.

The OJ-E series gives you the flexibility to draw water from almost any source and location. You can rest assured that if your water supply changes, your OJ can change along with it — with over 40 injector combinations for the Onga Farmmaster range, there`s a set-up to suit almost any application.

• Cast iron, heavy duty construction.

• Available with Honda and B&S petrol engines or Yanmar diesel engines.

• Available in shallow well or deep well configuration, with over 40 injector combinations.


• High suction lifts from dams, bores & rivers.

• Water transfer.

• Stock watering.

• Tank filling.

• Irrigation where high suctions lifts are required.

  • The Farmmaster Onga Jet (OJ) range is the flagship of the Onga range. The OJ range offers precision engineered internals with a coated cast iron housing for high performance and the ultimate in strength and longevity, you simply cannot beat this range for reliability.
  • For domestic, industrial or rural use as a manual or an automatic pressure system, stock watering, irrigation and water transfer. Options of a large range of water sources including tanks, bores, dams, creeks and rivers thanks to various injector combinations.

Key Features

  • Injectors to suit large range of applications
  • Offset combinations available
  • No moving parts down bore
  • Shallow well lifts to 7.6 m
  • Deep well lifts to 40 m
  • Manual or automatic system
  • Max. head – 77 m
  • Max. flow – 162 lpm

2 year warranty





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