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Onga Rainsaver Floatless WATERSWITCH Tank/Mains Changeover

Water is a valuable resource, and saving water is a priority for every Australian household. To make water saving easy Onga has developed WaterSwitch.

WaterSwitch is a dual source value that utilises water captured within a rainwater tank to supply water requirements around the home. Not all domestic water applications and appliances require water that has been treated for drinking by a local water authority. Uses for rainwater include, washing machines, toilets flushing, and garden watering. With WaterSwitch your customers will save water automatically.

How does the Waterswitch work?
WaterSwitch is a fully automatic device that has the ability to detect the availability of water inside the tank (via a float sensor) so that it can ensure a seamless supply of water to the home without any interruption.

When the tank contains water the float sensor relays this to the WaterSwitch and the WaterSwitch will automatically divert the demand to be supplied with the available rainwater.

In the event that the rainwater falls below the set level of the float sensor the WaterSwitch seamlessly switches all demand on the system over to the mains water to ensure that supply of water is never interrupted and that your customer is maximising their use of rainwater and therefore maximising their savings.

Why is the Waterswitch the BEST solution for Urban Rainwarer?
WaterSwitch is a unique system that was designed to avoid high losses in pressure, which means WaterSwitch can be used in a broader range of applications like garden irrigation including pop up sprinklers.

The high flow design of the WaterSwitch enables Onga to provide the most effective pump package, providing optimum energy efficiency and lower running costs. On top of the sophisticated design of the unit Onga has also thought of a range of additional features that make WaterSwitch so much easier to use.

These extras include:

  • Easy mount wall bracket for submersible pump packages.
  • Complete union kits to make sure the systems fits together perfectly.
  • Smart display allowing the user to see what source is being used and override the system if the need occurs.
  • In-built backflow protection.
  • Upon activation, solenoid valve prevents mixing of main and tank water so genuine water savings are achieved



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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 14 cm

Retro Fit Kit for older Waterswiches, Relpacing Same WaterSwitch

With Retro Fit Kit

3kg – 28 x 28 x 14 cm

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