Onga VF150 Vortex Sump Pump


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Onga VF150 Vortex Sump Pump

The VF150 is a single phase drainage pump with cast iron construction making it durable and providing a longer life cycle. They are a handy asset to plumbers, drainers and general house holders. Applications include septic effluent disposal, water transfer, grey water and sump pumping liquid including grey water of neutral pH with soft solids.

Disposal of waste water, septic effluent water and grey water with a neutral pH, dewatering (clean water) and water treatment circulation.

Power: 180W
Max. flow: 128LT/min
Head: 6m
Outlet: 1¼″F BSP / 32mm
Maximum submergance: 6m
Maximum Water Temperature: 40ºC
Maximum soft solid diameter: 10mm
Warranty on pump: 1 Years

Onga VF150 Vortex Performance Chart

Materials of Construction
Pump casing:
Cast Iron
Mechanical seal (pump end): 
Carbon Ceramic Mechanical Seal and Lip Seal. 

Electrical Data
Output: 180W P2
Starting Amps: 9.5 A
Running Amps: 1.75 A

• Grey water pumping
• Sump emptying
• Septic effluent disposal
• Water transfer
• Pumping of light slurries and factory waste

Onga VF150 Dimensions
Onga VF150 Dimensions



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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 38 cm
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