Puretec QT12-T1 Water Filter System


Puretec QT12-T1 Water Filter System – Quick-Twist Undersink Filter With Tripla T1 LED 3-Way Mixer Tap
The QT12-T1 ‘tap & filter’ package incorporates the latest QT12 filtration technology and the Tripla triple action tap all in one system. The Puretec QT12 reduces chlorine, taste, odour, chemicals, sediment and cysts, leaving all vital minerals. This innovative filter is easy to install, mounts horizontally or vertically and valve-in-head technology means the water supply is automatically cut off when you change the cartridge. The QT12 can be as easily replaced as changing a light globe! The Tripla 3-in-1 mixer tap gives you hot, cold, filtered/or rainwater water, all from just one mixer. The filtered and unfiltered water have completely separate lines inside these taps which means there is no cross contamination between filtered and unfiltered water. Enjoy water the way it should be, abundant, clear and beautiful tasting from your own water supply, any time of the day
Warranty 6 years^

Model: QT12-T1
Tap style: 3-Way LED Mixer Tap
Filtration system: QT Series
Outlets: Hot / Cold & separate filtered
Maximum temperature: 40°C
Maximum pressure: 500 kPa
Micron rating: 1 micron
Required hole for the tap: 33 mm diameter

• Filtration down to 1 micron
• DIY quick-twist cartridge change
• New quick installation fitting kit
• Reduces chlorine, pesticides, bad taste, odours, organic chemicals, dirt, rust and 99.9% Giardia & Cryptosporidium cysts
• Mounts horizontally or vertically – no shelf cutouts required
• Latest technology carbon briquette gives up to 12 months filter life
• All plumbing installation fittings included – no extras needed
• Filter change reminder light – LED changes from blue to red
• Watermark approved
• Tripla Faucet WELS 4 Star Rated: 7.5 litres/minute

Tripla T1 3-Way Mixer Tap
Hot, cold, filtered and/or rainwater, but just one distinguished mixer. Use the main handle to control your hot and cold mains water, or turn the lower handle clockwise for filtered tank/mains. Mains and filtered have separate outlets, with independent tubes inside the tap, so there’s no mixing of filtered and unfiltered water.

Hygienic quick cartridge changes
The valve-in-head design shuts the water off automatically means no mess, the cartridge can be easily replaced – just like changing a light globe. Enjoy water the way it should be, abundant, clear and beautiful tasting from your own water supply, any time of the day.

Longer filter life
Using the latest carbon briquette technology that gives up to 12 months filter life. It incorporates Puretec’s long life filter technology, so you can go longer between filter replacements, and comes with our 6 Year Platinum Protection Warranty^.



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