22700 LT Urban Poly Round Rain Water Tank



Additional to Standard 25mm Outlet

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Urban Poly 22,700LT Round Rain Water Tank (5000 Gallon)

Dimensions: 3589D x 3040H (inlet @ 2453)

The Urban Poly 22700 (5000 Gallon) Litre Water Tank is designed for Australian conditions. Made from food grade UV stabilized material, you are looking at one of the best manufactured tanks in Victoria. With over 60 years of combined history in rotationally moulded plastics, the Urban Poly 22,700LT round rain water tanks is the right choice for your home, shed or rural property. The tanks come with a a 40mm brass outlet which is fitted to your requirement. Standard brass outlet position is 6 o’clock, however with Urban Poly everything can be changed. This includes the size of the fitting. We can install a 25mm, 50mm or even 100mm outlet for your next project.

The Urban Poly 22,700 Litre rain water tank comes with a 400mm inlet strainer fitted at 12. There are four overflow positions. The standard fit out sees the overflow at 3, however we can also fit it at 6 o’clock. 9 o’clock and 12 o’clock. The tanks are 3589mm (358.9cm) in diameter and 3040mm (210cm) high to the highest level. The inlet height is 2453mm (254.3cm)

All Urban Poly Water Tanks are made from virgin food grade UV stabilized polyethylene. Only quality Brass tank outlets are used in all of our water tank and trough ranges. Manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions. All Urban Poly Round tanks come as standard fit unless custom fit is specified at time of order.

Standard 22700 litre tank fit out consist of:
400mm Inlet Strainer @ 12
90mm Overflow @ 3 with mosquito filter (Option for 6, 9, 12 o’clock)
40mm brass tank outlet @ 6

400 mm inlet with leaf strainer at 12 o’clock
Default overflow
90 mm PVC overflow with mosquito filter at 3 o’clock
Default outlet
40 mm moulded-in brass outlet at 6 o’clock

Tank Colours

Urban Poly tanks are made from the highest quality polyethylene in a range of colours. Each screen or monitor may display colours differently. Please use the colours shown as a guide only.



Urban Poly



Dimensions (mm)

3589 (D) x 3040 (H)

Inlet Height (mm)


Supplied Accessories

400mm Inlet Strainer @ 12, Overflow Screen @ 3 (standard), 6, 9 or 12 o'clock


1 x 40mm brass pump outlet fitted to your requirement (6 o'clock standard)

Water Tank Colour

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10 Years Manufacturers Warranty

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