Davey Jumbo MUKMOVA 25303 Pump 415V


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Davey Jumbo Mukmova MM07/3 Pump 415V

Why choose the Davey Jumbo Mukmova Pumps?
• Robust cast iron casing with thick walls for longer
pump life.
• Open impeller design allows for high solids passage
(up to 25x40mm) with little chance of blockage.
• Internal armoured volute plate made of nodular cast iron
to resist the abrasive and corrosive action of liquids even
with solids in suspension.
• The armoured volute plate is fixed to the casing without
screws for fast and easy removal.
• Self-priming action allows the pump to prime without the
need to fill the pipe and to be operated without a foot value
to reduce the risk of blockages.
• Large priming and drain plugs for fast filling and draining
of the pump casing.
• Comes with companion flanges for easy installation
of piping.

Dimensions (mm): 790L x 310W x 397H

Ideal for pumping water containing solids in suspension, such as:
• Effluent water
• Diary or piggery waste
• Liquid food transfer
• Bentonite sludge
• Sawdust muds

Materials of Construction
Jumbo Mukmova mm07/3 & mm09/3 Models
Part Material  : Casing Cast Iron G20
Armoured volute plate  : Nodular cast iron GS400
Impeller  : Nodular cast iron GS400
Imepeller washer  : 304 stainless steel
Inspection doors  : Galvanised steel
Mechnical seal (stationary face)  : Silicon carbide, Viton®
Mechnical seal (rotating face)  : Silicon carbide, Viton®
Shaft shim  : Teflon
Gaskets  : Paper fibre

Operating Limits
Maximum flow (nil suction) : 800 lpm
Maximum total head : 45 metres
Maximum suction lift : 6 metres
Max. soft solids size (mm) : 30mm x 40mm
Maximum specific gravity : 1.1
Minimum water temp. : 1°C
Maximum water temp. : 90°C
Max. ambient temperature : 50°C
Minimum suction pipe size : 2”
Inlet size : 2” BSP(F)
Outlet size : 2” BSP(F)



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