Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The single most question we get asked is how do I install a rain water tank? The following three part series of videos will give you a guide as to how to choose and install your rainwater tank, along with tips and advice on accessories related to rain water tank. We highly recommend watching these videos.

Please also download the Water Tank Design and Installation Guide here.

Installing a Rainwater Tank Part 1
- Rainwater systems

Installing a Rainwater Tank Part 2
- Rainwater systems

Installing a Rainwater Tank Part 3
- Rainwater systems

Water conservation is critical to Australian households and businesses particularly when you consider Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth. One of the most cost effective and efficient ways of re-using water around the house, farm or commercial site is done by harvesting and storing rain water.

Installing a rainwater tank gives you the freedom of using water when and how you choose. If you are not connected to towns mains water, then having a water tank installed may provide you with the cleanest and freshest water. Bore water contains many contaminants and is sometimes high in sulfur content. This will leave a pungent smell in your home. By installing a rain water tank, you are securing your water needs.

ASC Tanks have access to a large variety of tank shapes, sizes and materials that allow you to choose a product that best suits the location and surroundings. With a wide choice of colours you’ll be able to select one that blends into the background and enhances the value of your property.

Check if you are eligible for a rebate. Be sure to also check whether your council has minimum requirements for Tank specifications to access the rebate.

Ask us about mains to rain water switch-over kits if you plan on using your water for a toilet or laundry.

The amount of water collected is a combination of your roof area and the amount of rainfall received in your area. You can use a tank calculator to find how much you can get in a rainfall. The amount of water you need depends upon your usage. If you’re not on mains water, we recommend between 22,500 and 50,000LT’s, also depending on family size. If you are connected to town mains water and you are just using for toilets and laundry, we recommend a minimum of 2,000Lt’s and up to 5,000LT’s, again looking at family size and what else you may be doing with the tank. For just garden and car washing use, between 2,000 and 3,000LT’s  will generally suffice.  Bushmans have devised a great calculator for you work our what size tank would be suitable for you. You can find it here. 

All Tanks will come with an over flow flange and leaf strainer for the inlet. Brass outlet fittings are also supplied on most models. Some manufacturers also supply a ball valve however be sure to check the description of the tank to find exact inclusions of each product listed on our site. All additional fittings and accessories are available through us on request. Also note different manufactures will have different rules or suggestions for site preparation. Ideally a 100 mm thick reinforced concrete pad is recommended.

Almost every Tank we sell meets the Australian standard A4020 for potable water suitable for human consumption, however where mains water is available certain councils and water authorities will restrict or prohibit the use of harvested water for drinking, cooking or personal washing. Water filtering and treatment systems are available to enable you to use rainwater for personal consumption. You will need to contact your local municipality or water authority.

You will need a pump if you need your tank water pressure to match mains water pressure. You’ll also need to consider the power and flow rate of the pump particularly if you plan on using your harvested water for a toilet, laundry or sprinkler system. We’ll be happy to explain in simple terms which pump best suits your needs. Please call us on 1300 229 606.

It’s not required that you cover your pump but most manufacturers will recommend that you do so to extend the life of your product. ASC Tanks have pump covers available in a colour and style to match your tank.

The guarantee differs depending on the manufacturer. Most are a 10 year guarantee but some offer a 20 year pro rata guarantee. Be sure to check the description on our site for the product you have selected.

As with any energy saving device or system you use on your property it is recommended that you maintain it. Regularly cleaning your tank of debris and pests is important to ensure clean, quality water. ASC Tanks also has an onsite service available to customers. Please call us on 1300 229 606.

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