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ASC Water Tanks – for all your water tank needs

ASC Water Tanks is a wholly Australian owned company. Operating since 2007, we are here to service all your rain water tank needs. The drought and resulting water restrictions have created a high demand for water tanks. However this high demand has resulted in inflated rain water tank prices for consumers. With competitive pricing always in mind, we at ASC Water Tanks are helping Australians drive the cost of water tank prices down. In addition we are continually looking for new ways of preserving our natural resources, to help create a better tomorrow. From units to homes – to farming and agriculture, ASC Water Tanks are able to provide solutions for every person, every situation. We only sell high grade Australian Made water tanks to support our economy and to deliver a superior product to our customers.

In 2011, we purchased the M2 Greener Living Solutions group, including their domain and website. This allowed us to strengthen our position in the market, whilst also bringing the knowledge base and experience of one of Melbourne’s largest rain water tank distributors. At the time, our product range doubled overnight, and we were able to introduce many other water tank related products to our customers.

We are currently working on a new website for M2GLS. The website makes navigation easier, quicker and offers a more secure online payment portal.

In 2012, we purchased the Kerrimuir Rain Water Tanks Melbourne website and domain. This has further strengthened our position in the market, now making us the number one distributor of rain water tanks in Melbourne.

Mission Statement

“Our goal at ASC Water Tanks is to provide our customers with quality watertank sales and water saving services – unparalleled by anyone in the industry. We strive to provide a watertank solution for every home and farm to offset the imbalance we as a nation have created in our water reserves. By taking initiatives now, we can help determine how scarce or expensive this commodity will be for future Australians. We hope our products will help win the battle against the drought and Global Warming, and provide the next generation with the same opportunities we have enjoyed.”

Anant Yuvarajah

Managing Director

Anant Yuvarajah is the Managing Director of ASC Water Tanks and Anant Corp Pty Ltd. Anant Corp is the parent company to Kerrimuir Water Products, 4 Pumps and Buildmat. Anant is a board member of the Australian Roto Moulders Association (ARMA). This role sees him drive change in the roto-moulding industry and particularly in rain water tank roto-moulding. Anant sits on the Australian Standards sub-committee for Rotationally Moulded buried and non-buried storage for water and chemical tanks. Anant has been in the water industry for 11 years coming from an engineering background. Through a continued drive within his roles, Anant heads sales and marketing, logistics, and handles all aspect of procurement both domestically and internationally. As a PIA council member, Anant will be looking to drive the PIA membership numbers and shift the focus of the PIA away from a manufacturer-centric organization. The idea is to open up the PIA to more retailers and be a central body for all in the pump industry.

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