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ASC Water Tanks started in Melbourne, Victoria, but over the past decade has become one of the nations largest rain water tank and water pump distributors. Partnering with some amazing local manufacturers in Sydney and Melbourne, ASC Water Tanks can deliver you the largest range of slimline water tanks and round water tanks to Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and Canberra. Our Sydney range of water tanks also include a full range of steel tanks from local manufacturer Kingspan, who we have partnered with to bring exceptional deals to our Sydney and Canberra customers.

Whether you are looking for a small water tank to compliment your apartment or home to large rural tanks that are made of steel and built on site, we can deliver Sydney wide the right product for your application. We also carry a full range of garden pumps, domestic pumps and firefighter pumps to go with your water tank.  We are one of the largest retailers for the famous Kingspan Rhino RT-100, 100,000LT Round Water Tank, which is used for rural properties. Check out our full range of rural tanks.

The ASC Water Tanks’ domestic range of water tanks are also BASIX approved. This makes our entire range of products suitable for Sydney builders and plumbers to use as part of a new home construction and get the energy rating on the home. We have put together special builder packages for our Sydney and Canberra customers to make your choice easy and find a tank and pump package solution. With our narrow slimline tanks, these tanks are designed to slide into the sides of properties and be out of sight and out of mind.

One special range of water tanks that is now available in Sydney and Canberra is the Rotoplus Slimline Water Tanks. With customers constantly asking for these tanks because of their footprint and quality, along with the small lead times, these tanks have become increasingly popular.

Slimline Water Tanks Sydney

Round Water Tanks Sydney

BASIX Builder Packs Sydney

Top Rated Slimline Water Tanks Sydney and Canberra

Our Rotoplus slimline water tanks are the most popular tanks in the Sydney and Canberra market. They have all the popular sizes, including the 1000 Litre Slimline Water Tank, 2000 Litre Short Base Slimline Water Tank, 2000 Litre Narrow Slimline Water Tank, 3000 Litre Slimline Water Tank, 4000 Litre Slimline Water Tank and 5000LT Litre Slimline Water Tank. In fact they have over 15 different slimline water tanks available to customers. As we ship these products from Melbourne, we can deliver to places, including Albury, Canberra, Nowra, Woolongong and of course Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle.

What are the dimensions of slimline water tanks in Sydney? Check out the table below with our most popular slimline tanks and their dimensions. Various tanks have different inlet, outlet and overflow configurations, however each individual product page will keep you up to scratch with the specifics of the product.

Slimline Water Tanks Sydney & Canberra Dimensions

Water Tank Capacity Model Dimensions
Aquarius 300LT Slimline Header Water Tank AQ300 460L x 400W x 1700H (mm)
Aquarius 1200LT Slimline Water Tank AQ1200 17500L x 520W x 1600H (mm)
Rotoplas 1500LT Slimline Water Tank SWT1500 1460L x 680W x 2050H (mm)
Rotoplus 2000LT Lowline Slimline Water Tank SL2000LL 2900L x 750W x 1200H (mm)
Rotoplus 2000LT Short Base Slimline Water Tank SL2000SB 2000L x 620W x 2000H (mm)
Rotoplus 2000LT Super Slimline Water Tank SL2000sx 2400L x 565W x 2000H (mm)
Rotoplus 2000LT Super Short Slimline Water Tank SL2000SSB 1600L x 750W x 2200H (mm)
Rotoplus 2100LT Squat Slimline Water Tank SL2100LL 2500L x 750W x 1550H (mm)
Rotoplus 2300LT Slimline Water Tank SL2300SB 2060L x 670W x 2050H (mm)
Rotoplus 2500LT Slimline Water Tank SL2500 2180L x 680W x 2150H (mm)
Rotoplus 3000LT Super Slimline Water Tank SL3000sx 2900L x 650W x 2000H (mm)
Rotoplus 3000LT Super Short Slimline Water Tank SL3000SSB 2100L x 880W x 2200H (mm)
Rotoplus 3000LT Short Base Slimline Water Tank SL3000SB 2400L x 780W x 2200H (mm)
Rotoplus 32000LT Slimline Water Tank SL3200 2525L x 810W x 2140H (mm)
Rotoplus 4000LT Slimline Water Tank SL4000 2650L x 810W x 2200H (mm)
Rotoplus 5000LT Slimline Water Tank SL5000 2900L x 1000W x 2100H (mm)

Top Rated Round Water Tanks Sydney and Canberra

ASC Water Tanks has the largest range of Round Water Tanks in Sydney and Canberra. From small round tanks to squat round tank and large rural poly water tanks, we have it all.  We carry the largest range of high quality, Australian Made round rain water tanks in the New South Wales market. We have selected twelve of our most popular but we have over 40 tanks in this category.

What are the dimensions of round water tanks in Sydney? Check out the table below with our most popular round tanks and their dimensions.

Round Water Tanks Melbourne Dimensions

Water Tank Capacity Model Dimensions
Rotoplas 500LT Round Rain Water Tank RWT500 900D x 1000H (mm)
Rotoplas 1000LT Round Rain Water Tank RWT1000 900D x 1900H (mm)
Rotoplas 1675 Litre Round Water Tank RWT1675 1100D x 2050H (mm)
Rotoplas 2500 Litre Round Water Tank RWT2500 1300D x 2000H (mm)
Enviro Water Tanks 3000 Litre Round Water Tank ER3000 1560D x 1750H (mm)
Bushmans 5000 Litre Round Water Tank TT1100 1850D x 2250H (mm)
Bushmans 10000 Litre Round Water Tank TXD2300 2570D x 2440H (mm)
Bushmans 15000LT Round Water Tank TXD3300 3080D x 2480H (mm)
Bushmans 22500LT Round Water Tank TXD5000 3780D x 2560H (mm)
Bushmans 25000LT Round Water Tank TS5500 3730D x 2550H (mm)
Bushmans 30000LT Round Water Tank T6500 3920D x 2870H (mm)
Bushmans 46400LT Round Water Tank T10500 4600D x 3160H (mm)

Underground Water Tanks Sydney

ASC Water Tanks carries a massive range of underground water tanks in Sydney and Canberra. From the small 1500LT underground to our most popular 3000LT and 5000 Litre under ground water tank, up to our massive 25,000 Litre water tank, we have you covered. Not only do we sell the Graf LiLo tanks, we stock these three popular models in our warehouse in Melbourne. We are the exclusive distributor for the Graf underground tanks in Melbourne Victoria and also ship the products to Canberra, Sydney and Adelaide.

We carry accessories and joining kits so you can join multiple tanks as well as the pumps systems to go with the tanks. ASC Water Tanks is your one stop shop in Melbourne and Sydney and your underground rain water tank specialist with a solution for any problems you may come across.

ASC Water Tanks wants to be your one stop tank and pump specialist. We have a team of educated pump specialists that can find solutions for your pump station requirements. We do a full range of pits, pumps and controllers including battery backup. We want you to know when you buy a water tank and pump in Sydney from ASC Water Tank, you have bought the exact solution you need to fulfil your project.

We constantly work with builders small and large to find out what the market needs and work towards steering the water tank industry to keep up with customer demands. ASC Water Tanks works closely with water tank manufacturers to help design tank moulds to keep up with the ever changing domestic urban backyard. We also work with pump manufacturers including Bianco, DAB and Davey to bring your the best solution, whether it be for a small garden or pumping to a 80 storey commercial building.

Our builders in Sydney, Canberra, Newcastle and the Central Coast trust us to delivery BASIX certified tanks and pumps that are reliable and with no call back. Through our partnership with Bianco, we now offer free onsite service for these Tank-2-Mains switchover pump which means they can buy with confidence knowing we back our product and they need not worry about servicing the pumps after they have delivered the new home to the home buyer.

In Sydney, and across New South Wales, we aim to have the lowest turnaround time for rain water tanks. We strive for a two week turnaround tank, however at peak season we can be 4 weeks.

Call ASC Water Tanks today on 1300 229 606 for a quote on a rain water tank Sydney and Canberra wide and New South Wales wide.

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