Davey Single Channel Waste Pumps

High head, single channel, submersible and heavy duty waste pumps capable of pumping soft solids in suspension. Primarily used for sewage water and storm water pumping, this hardy product can also be used for sump emptying, septic effluent disposal, water transfer or pumping light slurries and factory waste.

Corrosion resistant 304SS grade shaft, motor shell and fasteners mean a long service life, and an open impeller and single channel centrifugal design means it is less susceptible to blockage and capable of higher heads and pressure.

Automatic resetting of thermal overload protects the pump, and all units are fitted with an oil resistant lead cable with bared ends for easy connection to a power supply.

Models in the range:

D75SA – single phase, 0.75kW
D150S – single phase, 1.5kW
DT08S – three phase, 0.75kW (optional 316SS version also available)
DT15S – three phase, 1.5kW (optional 316SS version also available)
DT22S – three phase, 2.2 kW (optional 316SS version also available)
DT37S – three phase, 3.7kW (optional 316SS version also available)
DT55S – three phase, 5.5kW (optional 316SS version also available)
DT75S – three phase, 7.5kW (optional 316SS version also available) Please refer to the documentation for all features and full technical specifications.
Davey recommends installing the single channel waste pumps with a slide rail kit to ensure optimal safety, there is a choice of either single or three phase motors. Slide Rail Kits are available; with some models fitted with an automatic float switch with pre-set float length for safe, unattended operation (D75SA model only).

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