Water Pumps

ASC water tanks carries a large range of pumps from various leading manufacturers, including Bianco, Hyjet, DAB, Davey and Onga. Our staff can expertly cater solutions for all your household pumps, outdoor pumps and pond pump needs. Our rain water tank pumps all carry a minimum two year warranty for peace of mind. Not only do we carry your standard garden pumps and mains switchover pumps for the toilet and laundry, we carry an extensive range of submersible pumps, commercial pumps, hot water circulator pumps and one of the largest range of pond pumps in Australia. Our mains switch over pumps include the Rain saver, rain bank and the main rains systems.

To accompany our tank and pump solutions, we also carry the full range of Rain Harvesting products, including leaf eaters, first flush diverters and rain heads. Keep your rainwater tank clean, and extend the life of your pump by including some of our rain harvesting products. Not sure what you need? Give us a call, and our staff are more than happy to explain the benefits of all our rain water tank products.

It’s never a safe time in Australia around Summer, when bush fires are prevalent around the country. We stock a full range of engine powered fire fighting pumps to help you protect your property. Most of our engine pumps are powered by Honda, for a safe reliable start every time. Not only do we carry fire pumps, you can find the entire range of fire fighting cartage tanks and pumps on our website. Don’t get caught out, and be prepared.

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