2000 LT Aquarius Ultra Underdeck Slimline Rain Water Tank



Aquaris 2000LT Ultra Underdeck Slimline Rain Water Tank 

Aquarius Storage and Slimline tanks adapt for use horizontally. We supply all necessary fittings and accessories to assist you with a horizontal installation. Heights available are 400mm, 520mm, 620mm and 1000mm for the 330L, 1200L, 2000L and 3000L, and 5000L tanks respectively. Made from the high density polyethylene, this tank is another quality Australian product.

Aquarius Watermaster offers Slimline poly tanks with the following features:

  • The slimmest range of self supported tanks without any steel brackets;
  • Both design and dimension make them extremely strong;
  • Seamless construction;
  • When filled there is no tank bulge;
  • Even wall thickness throughout the whole tank;
  • Tanks can be placed horizontally under floor or decking;
  • Outlets mounted at an angle to allow overflow pipe to sit in tightly against the wall;
  • Manufactured in Australia to AS/NZS 4766:2006;
  • Seven standard colours available;
  • Made from food grade UV Stable (UV20) polyethylene;
  • 10 year repair or replacement warranty by manufacturer.





Dimensions (mm)

2470L x 1810L x 470H

Supplied Accessories

Inlet Strainer, Overflow Screen

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