2000 Litre Underdeck Water Tank



2000 Litre Underdeck Water Tank


None ASC J35/50 | 35m Head | 50LT/min +$300.00 ASC J48/65 | 48m Head | 65LT/min +$425.00 ASC M37/80 | 37m Head | 80LT/min +$445.00 ASC M55/85 | 55m Head | 85LT/min +$595.00
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2000 Litre Rotoplus Low-Line Underdeck Water Tank


Dimensions: 2900L x 1200W x 750H

Made from the the same mould as the Rotoplus Slimline tank, we’ve adapted this classic slimline rain water tank to become an under-deck tank. The original inlet is sealed and a new inlet is fitted on the wall as you can see in the image. Outlets and overflows are drilled as per your specification or are otherwise supplied as pictured.

The tanks are available in a full range of colours, however dark colours are usually the best to go for when looking at underdeck tanks. These tanks have additional powder added, to strength the side walls and increase their wall thickness.

The tank is still made using food grade UV20 Polyethylene and includes one outlet and overflow. If you need to connect multiple tanks, we can add additional outlets so you can daisy chain one tank to the next. Like wise with the overflow, we can connect multiple overflows, so you can join overflows on the tank.

Being such shallow tanks, external pumps are required, as your traditional submersible pumps will not fit, nor will they be suitable for the application.

Available in VIC, SYDNEY & Metro ADELAIDE only.

Need help? Feel free to call us on (03) 8795 7715.

**Underdeck Water Tanks are not designed to be buried and will void any warranty by doing so. 


Dimensions (mm)

2900L x 1200W x 750H

Supplied Accessories

Inlet Strainer, Overflow Screen


1 x 25mm brass pump outlet on end of tank, 1 x 90ml Overflow


10 Years Manufacturers Warranty



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