50mm CFA Outlet and Valve


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50mm CFA Brass Outlet and Valve Fitting

1 x 50mm Brass Outlet
1 x 65mm Coupling valve

  • CFA fittings for tanks Tanks should have couplings or adaptors that fit both farm firefighting equipment and CFA trucks. CFA trucks use a special fitting to connect to tanks.
  • There needs to be at least one 64 mm, 3 thread / 25 mm x 50 British Standard Pipe round male coupling (CFA Male End, Pt. No. SE.03.074).
  • Consider using a ‘tee’ to allow the CFA fitting on one side of the branch and personal firefighting fittings on the other side of the pipe.
  • Tank Outlet to have 2 inch (50.8 mm) BSP (Female) (Minimum Size) Galv, Hex, Nipple 2 inch (50.8 mm) BSP Connect to Pump Unit Connect to CFA Tanker Galv. Screwed Tee 2 inch (50.8 mm) BSP (Female) Bell or Gate Valve 2 inch (50.8 mm) BSP (Male) Bell or Gate Valve to suit your own pump and male end to suit CFA Fire Tankers Bell or Gate Valve 2 inch (50.8 mm) BSP (Male) CFA Male End (Pt. No. SE.03.074)





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