600mm Stainless Steel ¾” FF Hose Assembly


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600mm Stainless Steel ¾” FF Hose Assembly

  • Hot & Cold Water Applications to the water service
  • Domestic Pumps and Changeover systems
  • Pressure Tank for domestic pump systems


  • Fitted with two hexagonal nuts incorporating flat seat end fittings with sealing washers or BSP male end.
  • Can be used on hot and cold domestic water lines, from +5°C to +65°C.
  • Suitable for all water connections including tanks, pumps and service connections.
  • Can be used for the connection of potable water (drinking water) appliances.
  • Aquaknect was the first company to attain watermark approval
  • for flexible connectors.
  • Helps to reduce water hammer

This general purpose 25mm ball valve is designed for water tanks that use either a 25mm male outlet or 25mm female outlet. The handle can be removed to alter the position of valve.

Hose Length 600mm
Watermark Yes
Body Material Stainless Steel
Hose Diameter 20mm
End Fittings ¾” female hexagonal flat seat ends
Temperature Range +5°C to +65°C.


  • Avoid local bending and twisting.
  • Make bend radius as large as possible in applications where there is repeated movement.
  • Do not stretch or compress the hose.
  • The installer is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the installation.
  • This product is not designed for use in inaccessible locations or below ground.
  • The installer is responsible for ensuring fitness for purpose and the integrity of the installation. Ensure fitment threads are clean and seals are undamaged.
  • Ensure that the connector is suitable for the installation.
  • Do not over tightening.
  • Do not expose to corrosive agents.
  • Installation should only be carried out by suitably qualified personnel in accordance with AS3500.



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