90mm Sliding Gate Valve (Plastic Paddle)


90mm Sliding Gate Vale (Plastic Paddle)

SKU: HW0902


Suitable for low pressure applications (sealing pressure rated to 210kPa).

Ergonomically designed handle, allowing for easy opening and closing.

Manufactured from UV stabilised PVC with stainless steel hardware.

Can be used as a wet system drain valve on rain harvesting systems.

Compact and robust design.

90mm Female socket fit.

**For situations where you need shut off in mid-flow, upgrade to the Stainless Steel Paddle version.

  • Select your desired installation point. The Sliding Gate Valve can be installed in the vertical or horizontal position.
  • Measure and remove a 35mm section of pipe at your desired installation point. Ensure all cut edges are clean and smooth.
  • Use priming fluid to clean inside the sockets of the Sliding Gate Valve and outside of the pipes you will be gluing the valve to.
  • Apply solvent weld glue first to inside the sockets of the Sliding Gate Valve and then to the outside of the pipes, bring together and ensure pipes are inserted fully into the sockets of the Sliding Gate Valve. Hold for a minimum of 60 seconds or until secure.



Rain Harvesting

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