Acquasafe Water Filtration & Purification 5 Litre


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Acquasafe Water Filtration & Purification 

An environmentally safe , tasteless and odour less formula used for tank water disinfection, lasting for up to 2 months . The formula destroys virtually all bacteria and viruses and is non toxic , breaking down into oxygen and water . The key ingredient in Acquasafe is Sanosil, exclusively supplied to Davey for tank water disinfection. The recommended dosage is 1 litre per 15,000 litres of tank water . Regular monitoring using Acquasafe strips is essential to ensure your tank water remains safe .

  • The process of oxidation breaks down pathogens while the Acquasafe formula breaks down into water and oxygen
  • It is safer than other forms of chemical disinfection , leaving no taste or odour in your water
  • It also has the added benefit of treating smelly tanks , a result of water remaining stagnant during the cooler months
  • The treated water is also an unpleasant environment for mosquitoes, helping to control their numbers
  • Regular monitoring with Acquasafe test strips is required to ensure the water remains safe





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