330LT Aquarius Slimline Rain Water Storage Tank 

SKU: AQ330

330 LT Aquarius Slimline Rain Water Storage Tank



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Aquarius 330LT Slimline Rain Water Storage Tank 

SKU: AQ330

Capacity: 330LT

Dimensions: 1800H x 460W x 400D

The 330L Header tank captures water from individual downpipes. To increase the storage capacity you can link the Header tank to a series of 300L vertical Storage tanks or 330L horizontal Storage tanks.

  • Arranged vertically, these modular tanks present a crisp, smart look that particularly suits contemporary styling;
  • The 330L horizontal Storage tanks suit underdeck situations where height, space or access prevent the installation of larger tanks e.g. between support posts under a timber deck;
  • The 460 x 400mm end profile enables retrofitting through most manholes, opening opportunities for rainwater storage when space is not available elsewhere around the house;
  • When retrofitted in conjunction with the Aquarius Diverter, a float valve can remove the need for bulky stormwater lines from under the house;
  • Seamless construction and ease of cleaning give these horizontal storage tanks the advantage over bladder tanks.
  • Unique internal overflow eliminates ugly PVC overflow pipes normally associated with such an installation;
  • Fitted leaf/insect screen included to keep out contaminants;
  • Optional leaf diverter and first flush units improve the quality of water;
  • Easily linked via 20mm hose to additional storage tanks located where space is available.
  • Versatile – stand alone or arranged in banks
  • Conceals downpipes and has internal overflow
  • Link to a larger tank located elsewhere
  • Ideal for underneath decking, terrace houses, restricted spaces, under part of house
  • Tanks come with 3 x 1”Brass outlet, 400mm Mosquito proof inlet strainer and overflow fitting.






Dimensions (mm)

1830L x 400H x 460W

Supplied Accessories

400 mm Inlet Strainer, Overflow Screen, 3 x 1" Brass Pump Outlet


10 Years

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