Atlas Filtri Hydra MONO 10″ BIG Clear Self Cleaning Sediment Filter 90 Mic S Steel Mesh Screen 1.5″ Brass BSP 810380


Atlas Filtri Hydra MONO 10″ BIG Clear Self Cleaning Sediment Filter 90 Mic S Steel Mesh Screen 1.5″ Brass BSP [810380]

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    Atlas Filtri Hydra MONO 10″ BIG Clear Self Cleaning Sediment Filter 90 Mic S Steel Mesh Screen 1.5″ Brass BSP [810380]


    Hydra goes BIG with all of the features you have come to expect from the exceptional Hydra range but with BIGGER flows Fantastic for high flow low pressure drop applications with higher sediment loads.

    Selected raw materials suitable for drinking water.

    • Head Reinforced Polypropylene
    • Bowl PET
    • O-ring Silicone
    • Breather-valve Body Polypropylene O-ring EPDM
    • Drain funnel Reinforced Polypropylene
    • Gauges Radial type pressure range 0-12 bar, 0-170 psi
    Features Benefits
    Countercurrent Cleaning System The reverse flow actively pushes dirt off the cartridge meaning you need to remove and clean the cartridge much less often
    Hydra goes BIG Bigger flows for bigger applications
    5 Year Filter Life Save time & money
    Excellent Pre-filter Extends the life of other filters/valves installed after it
    Automated Cleaning Cleaning the filter is easy and only takes a minute but it can also be automated saving you even more time
    Pressure Gauges or Ports Using pressure gauges is an easy way to see when you need to clean your cartridge – no more unwanted pressure loss
    Weight 4 kg
    Dimensions 72 × 24 × 25 cm


    Atlas Filtri


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