Bianco BIA-iDRIVE1220-240 iCON Variable Frequency Drive Controller


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Bianco BIA-iDRIVE1220-240 iCON Variable Frequency Drive Controller

The iCON iDRIVE 1220-240 is a variable speed drive to enhance the performance of single phase 240V water pumps up to 2.2 kW not exceeding 14A. No Communication.

  • Eliminates the requirement for large pressure tanks and pressure switches used for automatic operation as well as associated pressure cycling.
  • Provides both the ability to conserve energy through only operating the pump according to the speed required to maintain constant pressure and further allowing for multiple set points to be met.
  • Is equipped with an easy to use LCD display and is completely designed and built for controlling pump systems from the ground up.
  • IP55 Mounting Bracket Included.
  • Professional design based on users’ needs, simplicity of operation and suitable for all kinds of applications.
  • According to the water condition to supply constant pressure water without manual operation after parameters are set correctly.
  • Stop running automatically when there is no water consumption and Alarm automatically when faults occur.
  • Adapts to many kinds of inputs.

A Pressure Transducer 802680 4-20mA, 1mPa is required for operation.


Function Characteristics 

  • Sleep Function – Sleep down when there is no water consumption, to earn a better energy saving
  • Freeze-Proofing Function – Suitable for low temperature area, prevent pump from freezing
  • Anti-clogging Function – take precaution against pipe clogging and clean the pipe dirt
  • Power On Restart – Running automatically when power on
  • Day-Part Function – 3 independent day-part control, up to 7 day-part achieved when defined
  • Terminal Control Mode – Terminal Run/Stop, Manual/Auto Control, Electronic Contact Gauge Control
  • Various water supply Fault Alarm Functions: High-Pressure, Low-Pressure, Low-Level, Transducer Error etc.
  • As many as 22 kinds of fault protection function: Over-Current, Over-Voltage, Low-Voltage, Over-Load etc.


  • Optimizes Pump performance.
  • Soft start, low motor start current.
  • No large pressure tank required.


  • High and low voltage protection
  • Input and output short circuit protection
  • High and low water pressure protection
  • Input and output phase failure protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Sensor fault protection

Technology Features: 

  • Input Voltage Range 240±15%
  • Input Frequency Range 47~63Hz
  • Output Voltage Range 0~rated input voltage
  • Output Frequency Range 0~50/60Hz
  • Digital Switch Input 3 input
  • Analogue Signal Input – AI1:0~10V or 0~20mA input; AI2: 0~10V or 0~20mA Input
  • Relay Output A pair of switched Outputs


  • Verification of EMC compliance certificate no. AC/0410709 to EN 61326-1:2006, EN 61000-3-2:2005, EN 61000-3-3:1995 A1:2001 A2:2005.
  • Verification of LVD compliance certificate no. AC/0420709 to EN 61010-1:2001.


2 Year iCON Series Drive Warranty. 




Product Type

Variable Frequency Drive Controller

Suitable For

Pumps up to 2.2 kW 14A

Kilo Watts

2.2 kW


14 Amps



Horse Power

3 Hp




24 months

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