Bianco BIA-RAINSAVERMK4E Tank/Mains Changeover


Bianco BIA-RAINSAVERMK4E Tank/Mains Changeover

The Rainsaver MK4e replaces all changeover devices including the Davey Rainbank and Onga Waterswitch and converts manual pumps to a fully automatic mains and tank water changeover device in a jiffy. The changeover device is suitable for mains and pump flows up to 100 litres per minute and mains and pump pressure of 800kPa. The MK4e is suitable for pumps up to 1.1kW running on a 240V system and includes a plug and play power connection. You will still require to buy a pressure controller when replacing a Davey Rainbank and Onga Waterswitch, as these units have them built in. If the change-over device you are changing has a separate pressure controller that is functional, then you will not require a new pressure controller.

    • Aesthetically designed and requires no weather proofing.
    • Barrel Unions and “Torque Set” safety spanner are included to facilitate ease of servicing and to avoid tool damage or over tighening
    • UV Stabilized technopolymer for long life and good looks
    • All Rainsaver MK3e pumps are independently controlled to regulate flows and pressures whilst protecting the pump against voltage fluctuations, loss of water and incorporate a 24 hour automatic pump restart
    • WATERMARK approved for connection to all Towns Water supplies – Safe against water borne bacteria, dezincfication and lead poisoning
    • Auxiliary outlets allows for energy saver water storage – pressure vessels to reduce pump starts
    • Revolutionary “Mono Channel” design does not restrict flow or reduce pressures, eliminates any possibility of water leaks
    • 12 volt low voltage flow switch with counter weight and mozzie stopper ensures total reliability and safety within 10m cable.

Max. flow:  100 litres / minute
Max Pressure: 800kPa / 116psi
Max Power : 1.5hp / 1.1kW / 240V
Body Material:  Technopolymer
Rating: Watermark and IP33 Rated
Power Lead : 2 meters
Low voltage Float Switch cable : 10 meters
Warranty : 2 Years

AS/NZS 4020 approved for drinking water



Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 38 × 28 × 14 cm
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