Bianco RS4e-INOX60S2MPCX Domestic and Garden Pump


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Bianco RS4e-INOX60S2MPCX High Performance Series 2 Domestic Rainsaver Pump

The pump is a self-priming surface mounted pressure system pump supplied with plug and play leads (IEC type). The self-priming ability provides excellent suction capacity of up to 9m. Used especially for supplying water to domestic installations.

The Rainsaver MK4e replaces all changeover devices including the Davey Rainbank and Onga Waterswitch and converts manual pumps to a fully automatic mains and tank water changeover device in a jiffy. The changeover device is suitable for mains and pump flows up to 100 litres per minute and mains and pump pressure of 800kPa. The MK4e is suitable for pumps up to 1.1kW running on a 240V system and includes a plug and play power connection. The auto-restart pump controller looks for rain water and uses a low voltage float switch for safety.

The pump is characterised by:

  • Automatic electronic pump control fitted and wired with plug and play leads so a licensed electrician is not required during installation.
  • Includes fully electronic pump controller for automatic pump starting, stopping and restart after power loss and water loss.
  • Run dry protection to prevent pump damage.
  • Automatic electronic control has in-built check valve to prevent water backflow through the pump.
  • 2.2bar pump cut in for greater versatility.
  • Corrosion resistant pump body, diffuser and impeller to ensure pump durability.
  • High quality mechanical shaft seal and high quality bearings.
  • 240V single phase TEFC motor with in-built auto reset thermal overload to prevent the pump from overheating.


  • Used especially for supplying water to domestic installations and applications where a suction lift is required.

Package Information:

  • L 420mm x W 230mm x H 460mm
Technical Specifications
BrandBianco Rainsaver
Product TypeRain Harvesting Kit
Suitable ForClean Water
Bar4.2 Bar
Amps4.0 Amps
Flow Range Categorya. 0 – 99 L/min
Flow Rate (L/min)57 L/min
FloatFloat Included
Hp0.8 Hp
Kilo Watts0.60 kW
Head Range Categoryb. 40 – 59 m
Max Head (m)42 m
Port Size Inlet3/4″ Rainsaver
Port Size Outlet3/4″ Rainsaver
Taps5 Taps
Warranty (months)24 Months
Volts240 V

AS/NZS 4020 Drinking Water Approved.

 Bianco Rainsaver MK4E

  •  Rainsaver MK4E Changeover Device.
  • 2 Year Rainsaver MK4E Infield Warranty
  • Designed to operate with pumps up to 800kPa.
  • 100L/m flow.
  • 12V Low voltage Float.
  • WaterMark approved for connection to all town water supplies.
  • Aesthetically designed and requires no weather proofing.
  • IP33
  • For self controlled pumps up to 1.5hp, 1.1kW, 240V.



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