Bushmans 25,000LT Round Molasses Tank




Bushmans 25,000LT Round Molasses Tank 
Looking for a molasses storage tank? With tank capacities from 5,000L through to 38,000L, Bushmans has the right solution for you.
The appearance of a molasses tank may be similar to that of a water tank but in fact the walls are designed and manufactured much thicker to adhere to the specific requirements of molasses storage. All of our molasses tanks are supplied with a special vented screw-top lid. The brass outlet and ball valve can be up to 80mm depending on your needs. All tanks are covered by Bushmans 5 year industrial guarantee to give your business peace of mind.

Why a Bushmans Tank?

Bushmans has invested heavily to ensure our products are of the highest standard and that the level of service, in terms of delivery and after sales service, is outstanding. We have designed our tanks to meet the requirements for household, industrial, agricultural and rural applications.


Bushmans Industrial



Dimensions (mm)

3730D x 2550H (mm)

Inlet Height


Supplied Accessories

Each Tank is Supplied with 80mm Brass Tank Outlet, 620mm Screw Cap, Vented Lid

Water Tank Colour

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10 Years Manufacturers Warranty

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