18000 Litre Aquaplate Steel Tank



18,000 Litre Aquaplate Steel Tank

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Lead Time: 6-8 weeks

Galvanized Exterior Night Sky +5.5% Monument +5.5% Slate Grey +5.5% Windspray +5.5% Basalt +5.5% Jasper +5.5% Deep Ocean +5.5% Pale Eucalypt +5.5% Smooth Cream +5.5% Paperbark +5.5% Surf Mist +5.5%
Standard 25mm Outlet Upgrade to 50mm Outlet +$85.00
None Additional 25mm Outlet & Valve +$65.00 Additional 50mm Outlet & Valve +$120.00 64mm VIC CFA Kit +$450.00
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18,000 Litre Aquaplate Steel Round Water Tank

SKU: WR-3200-2320

Dimensions: 3200D x 2320H

Tank Weight: 260KG.


Bluescope Aquaplate Food grade polymer coated steel is Australia’s premium tank-making material.  It combines durability, strength, lightweight & performance and is backed by a 20 year warranty from BlueScope Steel.  Aquaplate steel complies with Australian Standards (AS4020) regarding the safe storage of water for human consumption.

  • External finish of Aquaplate steel tanks can be either a selection of 10 pre-painted Colorbond colors or a traditional galvanised finish
  • Internal coating is a tough food-grade polymer lining bonded to the steel
  • The base of an Aquaplate steel tank is made using double sided Aquaplate to allow tanks to sit on either a concrete or sand pad
  • The Aquaplate coating prevents water from ever touching any steel inside your tank.

We can to manufacture our tanks to almost any size, shape or colour to suit your individual requirements.  Round or slimline, tall or squat – Be Creative!


The tank comes fitted with a 400mm mosquito proof leaf strainer fitted to your requirement
One quality brass 25mm BSP female outlet is moulded into the tank at the height of your choice.
90mm Overflow is fitted to a position of your choosing.

Please feel free to give our friendly and highly qualified staff a call on (03) 8795 7715 today to discuss custom tank fittings if required.
We can supply detention fittings on our water tanks at any position as per your requirement and storm water planning. Not sure if you need a detention water tank or a retention water tank? Read our blog here about detention and retention tanks.

Security for Fire

Steel tanks have been proven to out-perform other tanks in bushfire situations. In both real-life situations and testing undertaken by the Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre steel tanks surpassed other materials in both length of test and structural integrity of material – There when you need it!

*Surcharge for Colorbond Lid (Galvanised is standard) 5%.

*Prices are for Colorbond Aquaplate tanks in a standard colour. Non-standard colours are available and incur a 10% surcharge.

*Please call for Colorbond Lid option or non-standard colours on (03) 8795 7715.



Note – a minimum 550mm clearance is required above all tanks for service, cleaning and warranty.

Option 1 – Concrete Pad;

  • This is our preferred option as it removes any possibility of future erosion
  • A 100mm thick slab with reinforcing mesh is ideal
  • The slab should be at least 50mm larger than the tank on all sides.

Option 2 – Concrete Pavers;

  • Concrete pavers sitting on a crushed rock base
  • Base must be compacted and level prior to paving
  • Sufficient support is required under the pavers so they don’t sink over time.

Note a minimum 550mm clearance is required above all tanks for service, cleaning and warranty.

The delivery of your tank will be on a light truck with tandem trailer. Please note:

  • Our driver cannot unload on his own, he will need assistance to help unload the tank off the truck and move it into position. For slimline tanks up to 4000 litres and round tanks up to 9000 litres, one extra person is required onsite, for bigger sizes a minimum of two extra people are needed onsite.
  • Your property should be clearly numbered or we need a map to assist the driver to locate the site
  • Access to the tank site must be free from overhead objects such as power lines and tree branches
  • Your driveway and all access roads must have 4.5m height clearance
  • Ensure sufficient width is available for our 3m wide vehicle (vehicle is 16m Long and up to 4.5m High with full load)
  • Your site should be dry and firm to prevent the vehicle sliding or sinking
  • Ensure the delivery site is safe, and free from risk of damage to persons, product or property
  • If the tank is in an exposed area you will need to either put 50mm of water into the tank, or if water is not available the tank must be tied down to prevent it from blowing away. We cannot take any responsibility for tanks damaged in this manner.
  • We install the threaded fittings in the tank, however you or a plumber will need to install the valves onto these fittings prior to filling the tank. You will need to use Teflon tape or similar to seal the connection.
    If you are unsure regarding any of these notes, please contact us prior to the delivery.

18,000LT, 18000LT

Dimensions (mm)

3200 D x 2320 H

Supplied Accessories

Inlet Strainer, Overflow Screen


1 x 25mm brass pump outlet fitted to your requirment

Water Tank Colour

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20 Year Warranty on all Aquaplate and Colorbond Tanks


Bluescope Colorbond

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