Davey DCS150 Double Case Sump Pump 240v


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Davey DCS150 Double Case Sump Pump

WHY CHOOSE THE Davey Submersible Dewatering Pump Systems?
Davey Sump Pumps are used to remove water that has accumulated in a sump or pit, as well as emptying swimming pools and removing flood water from buildings etc.
Davey Sump Pumps are used where there is flooding and to solve water entry in basements where the water table is above the foundation.
Open impeller, semi-vortex, centrifugal design.
• Able to pump small soft solids in suspension
• Less susceptible to blockage
Double mechanical shaft seal in oil bath with hard faced
silicon carbide/ceramic seal on pump side
• Added motor protection
• Long service life
Sand slinger lip seal
• Added protection
• Long service life
Corrosive resistant 304 stainless steel outer case and strainer
• Long service life
• Attractive, lasting appearance
Double case with full discharge flow past internal motor shell
• Able to operate in partially submerged installations
• Better motor cooling for longer life
Automatic resetting thermal overload
• Protects against overloading
In-built automatic thermal overload
• Protects the motor in the event of blockage or voltage
supply problems
HO7RNF oil resistant leads, 10 metres long with 3 pin power plug
• Easy to connect to power supply
• Longer life in dirty water.

Weight: 26Kg

Dimensions (mm): 182D x 531H

• Dirty water pumping
• Sump emptying
• Septic effluent water disposal
• Pumping of waste water with small soft solids in
• Pumping in partially submerged application.

Impeller  :  Cast iron
Suction interest  :  304 stainless steel
Outer casing  :  304 stainless steel
Pump casing  :  Cast iron
Shaft seal – pump side – Silicon carbide/ceramic
– motor side – Carbon/ceramic – mechanical seal in captive oil bath with oil seal
Shaft seal elastomer  :  Nitrile rubber
Pump shaft  :  304 stainless steel
Orings  :  Nitrile rubber
Motor shell  :  304 stainless steel
Handle  :  304 stainless steel
Fasteners  :  304 stainless steel
Float and power supply leads  :  HO7RN-F oil resistant
Electrical Lead HO7RNF x 10m length
Speed 2 pole, 2850rpm
Insulation class Class F
IP rating X8
Starting CSIR

Suitable Fluids:
Sewage or “grey water” of neutral pH containing up to 10% of small soft
organic solids (<10mm OD). Some accelerated wear should be expected
while pumping hard solids in suspension.
Supply voltage (V): 220-240V
50Hz – Phase: Single
Output power (kW): 1.50kW
Full Load Current (A): 13.00A
Locked rotor current (A): 48.00A

Use a rope to position and retrieve the pump. Do not lower or retrieve the
pump using the power lead as this may damage the cable entry seals, causing water leaks and unsafe operation.
Don’t use this product for recirculating or filtering swimming pools, spas, etc.
While these pumps are built to high safety standards, they are not approved
for installations where people will be in the water while they are operating.
Don’t pump abrasive materials. Sand and grit in the water being pumped will accelerate wear, causing shortened pump life.
Keep your pump clean, particularly in situations where lint, hair or fibrous materials may get bound around the pump shaft. Regular inspection and cleaning will extend pump life.
Make room for the float switch to operate. Automatic models have a float switch to turn them on when the water level rises and turn them off again when it has been pumped down to the safe operating level of the pump. If the float switch is not free to rise and fall, correct pump operation may not be possible.
Don’t run your pump dry. Non-automatic models must be switched off manually or by way of an external float/level switch when the water level is reduced to the top of the pump housing.



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