Davey MUKMOVA 25301 Pump 240/480V


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    Davey MUKMOVA 25301 Single Phase Pump 240/480V

    Why choose the Davey Mukmova Pumps?
    • Semi vortex open vane impeller
    • Solid cast iron casing and impeller
    • Mechanical seal is grease packed with grease nipple
    • Inspection cover held by two wing nuts
    • Choice of 240 / 480 volt single phase and 415 volt three
    phase, 50Hz models
    • Single phase models are capacitor start/capacitor
    run design
    • Automatic resetting motor overload in all single
    phase models
    • Oversized motor used, with ample power reserve
    • Davey manufactured TEFC, IP56 motor.

    Dimensions (mm): 665L x 290W x 297H

    Ideal for pumping water containing solids in suspension,
    such as:

    • Diary or piggery waste
    • Liquid food transfer
    • Effluent water
    • Water tranfser
    • Bentonite sludge
    • Sawdust muds.

    Installation & Priming
    Fit strainer to bottom of suction pipe only where blockage of
    such a strainer is unlikely.
    A foot valve is not required.
    To prime pump, fill the pump casing with water then allow the
    pump to run until it draws water.

    Materials of Construction

    Part                                             Material
    Suction cover                          :  Grey cast iron (T220)
    Pump body & yoke                :  Grey cast iron (T220)
    Impeller                                   :  Grey cast iron (T220)
    Inspection cover                    :  Grey cast iron (T220)
    Inspection cover shims        :  304 stainless steel
    Inspection cover wing nuts :  Bronze ⅜” BSW
    Seal ring (stationary)            :  Ceramic
    Seal ring (rotating)                :  Carbon
    Seal grease                               :  BP energrease LS2
    o-rings & gaskets                    :  Nitrile rubber
    Priming plug                            :  Glass filled nylon 6

    Operating Limits

    Maximum flow (nil suction): 600 lpm
    Maximum total head: 22 metres
    Maximum suction lift: 6 metres
    Max. soft solids size (mm): 20mm
    Maximum specific gravity: 1.2
    Minimum water temp: 1°C
    Maximum water temp: 50°C
    Max. ambient temperature: 50°C
    Minimum suction pipe size: 2”
    Inlet size: 2½” BSP(F)
    Outlet size: 2″ BSP(F)



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