Davey RB2SP Rainbank Controller


Davey RB2P Rainbank 

Davey’s current RainBank replacement unit (excluding brass Fittings and Float and Check Valve).

    • Can typically save up to 40% of water supplied from the mains, helping to preserve our precious resource.
    •  RainBank seamlessly switches between tank water and mains water, supplying to the toilet and laundry and for garden watering.
    • Watermark Certified (License no.22042)
Davey pioneered rainwater harvesting with the RainBank® the original and the best, tank to mains interconnection device.
Compatible With:
RB2/SP – Suits models HP45-05 & HS50-06 Surface Mounted Pumps
RB2/SSP – Suits models D23A/B, D42A/B & D53A/B Submersible Pumps
  • Maximum flow rate (mains): 100lpm
  • Maximum flow rate (pump): 100lpm
  • Maximum mains water pressure: 900kPa
  • Maximum pump pressure: 600 kPa
  • Maximum Water temperature continuous: 50 deg C
  • Mains water inlet size: 3/4″ BSP (M)  (This brass fitting not included)
  • Rainwater inlet size: 1″ BSP (M) (This brass fitting not included)
  • Outlet Size: 3/4″ BSP (M) (This brass fitting not included)
  • Sensor Plate: 316 stainless steel
  • 3 year warranty
1 x Davey Rainbank Controller (no brass fittings or float)







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