Davey XF171 Electric Transfer Pump 240V


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Davey XF171 Electric Single Stage Transfer Pump

Robust, & compact, 1 stage centrifugal pump with corrosion resistant componentry and driven by a TEFC motor. Designed for total head duties to 17m and flows to 175Lt/min. All models are fitted with “Thermotection” for closed head pump protection.

Power: 450W
Voltage: 220/250V
Inlet: 1″ Female
Outlet: 1″ Male
Max flow: 175LT/min
Max Pressure: 170kPa

Ideal for pumping slightly aggressive, non-volatile liquids without fibres or solids in applications such as:–

• Sea water
• Aquaculture
• Mild acid solutions
• Washing systems
• Hydroponics
• Desalinated water

Thermotection will automatically stop the pump should the water in the casing reach 85ºC. This condition may occur when a fully primed pump is operated without being allowed to discharge water (i.e. closed head operation).
Thermotection control will automatically restart the pump when the water temperature drops below 65ºC±5ºC.
•Manufactured from quality corrosion resistant materials.
•TEFC motor corrosion resistant and excludes dust and dirt.
•Motor and pump designed for frequent starts.
•Quick and easy installation.
•Low maintenance.
•Easy to service if required.
•Protected against pump damage from closed head operation.



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