EAL20 Emergency Area LED Lantern – 375 Lumens 4 X D


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EAL20 Emergency Area LED Lantern – 375 Lumens 4 X D

Easily our most advanced lantern, the EAL20 Lantern comes with a battery life indicator, dimming white light control dial, as well as solid red and flashing red modes.

  • Built-in battery life indicator makes it quick and easy to know how much battery life remains
  • Dimming white light control dial
  • The EAL20 Lantern is impact resistant, weather resistant and its LEDs are virtually unbreakable.
  • Run-time up to 80 hours.

(4 x D batteries not included)

Light Modes
COAST’s EAL multi-mode technology allows the user to quickly adjust from energy conserving low light output to area-illuminating high output to anywhere in between. For emergency or night vision purposes switch to solid red mode or flashing red.

Preserve your vision in low lights by using the solid Red light setting, making it easier for your eyes to adjust to no light

High-quality materials and durable construction give COAST lanterns excellent weather resistance, making them great for use in emergency situations where there is inclement weather: rain, snow or wind.




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