2000 Litre Underdeck Water Tank



2000 Litre Underdeck Water Tank

SKU: EUD2000

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2000 Litre Enviro Underdeck Water Tank

SKU: EUD2000

Dimensions: 2400L x 1200W x 820H


Under Deck Water Tanks are fantatsic when you are limited for space and can’t fit the usual round water tank or slimline water tank. They are perfect and ideal for fitting under the deck or under houses.

Our 2,000 Litre Under deck tank is designed to fit inconspicuously in places such as under a deck. With its low height of 82cm, the inlet is easily accessible as well. If you require more than 2,000 litres, two or more tanks can be joined together with flexible couplings.

100% Polyethylene food grade material Your assurance of safety
Certified AS/NZS 4766:2006 Your assurance of quality.
  1. Ensure that the area chosen is stable original ground and not filling soil.
  2. All Enviro Water Tanks tanks must be on a level base of concrete 100mm thick with a minimum strength 25m.p.a. and one layer of F72 reinforcement.
  3. Concrete must extend a minimum of 30mm outside of the tank perimeter of the tank.
  4. Crusher dust may be used but must be a minimum of 75 mm thick, compacted and the outside edge must extend a minimum of 30mm outside of the tank’s perimeter with edges concreted so the tank cannot be undermined.
  5. All tanks come complete with a ball valve, stainless steel mesh strainer and a tank overflow fitting.
  6. Enviro Water Tanks recommends a professional tank installer or plumber should install your tank.
  7. Polyethylene tanks will expand when filled. Allowance for expansion is required when plumbing work is carried out.
  8. Clean leaves & debris from strainer on a regular basis.

NB: we do not return tanks for incorrect size or colour.




Dimensions (mm)

2400L x 1200W x 820H (mm)

Supplied Accessories

Inlet Strainer, Overflow Screen


Enviro Water Tanks

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