Filterpure Twin housing Kit


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    Filterpure Twin Housing Kit

    Davey 20 inch Filter Filterpure Housings and cartridges are perfect for single tap applications . Select a filter cartridge to meet your water needs for sediment filters, carbon filters and specialty filters.

    SEDIMENT FILTERS improve the clarity of your water supply and will remove cysts such as Gardia or Cryptosporidium when a 1um filter is installed

    CARBON FILTERS can remove chlorine taste , odour and chemicals from the water.

    SPECIALTY FILTERS remove specific elements .Davey offer cartridges to reduce floride , arsenic, hardness, heavy metals and nitrates. For removal of cysts such as Giardia or Cryptospordium a 1um filter neds to be installed on all drinking water taps.

    Ready to install, stand alone dual filter kit , supplied with the choice of dual 10″ or 20″ jumbo housings, with matching 20 micron pleated and 1 micron polyspun filtration cartridges.

    Perfectly matched to Davey’s 50 and 70 lpm UV  models for installation flexibility

    Install two kits when higher flow rates are required .

    Dual 20″ jumbo filter pack , 2 x 20″ jumbo housing and filters  MAX PRESSURE 620 kpa





    Davey offers a range of water related services from water transfer, conservation, treatment and filtration; to help ensure your products are built to last. You can Depend on Davey, every time. Water is our world.

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