Grundfos 80 Litres GT-C Pressure Tank


Grundfos 80 Litre GT-C Pressure Tank

SKU: GT-C-80 – 96733303

GT-C is a lightweight composite pressure tank designed for sea and drinking water use. The diaphragm is a of chlorine-resistant 100 % butyl with copolymer polypropylene liner for air and water separation.

SKU: GT-C-80 96733303 Categories: , GTIN: 5700838022155

Grundfos 80 Litres GT-C Pressure Tank

SKU: GT-C-80 – 96733304

Grundfos GT-C are lightweight maintenance-free pressure tanks with a capacity ranging from 60 to 450 litres.
The tanks are designed for a maximum operating pressure of 8.6 bar and a maximum liquid temperature of 50 °C.

The tank is a lightweight composite pressure tank, precharged with 1.4 bar. The tank has a non-replaceable, chlorine-resistant 100 % butyl diaphragm with a precision-molded copolymer polypropylene liner for superior air and water separation.

The weather-resistant GT-C tank is easy to install and engineered to withstand even extreme environmental conditions. The tank is suitable for drinking-water and seawater applications in combination with installations with booster systems, water wells, irrigation systems, coastal applications, beach resorts and golf courses. The tank also features:

  • reinforced connection plate on inline models of 8 litres and above
  • two-part polyurethane primed paint finish
  • leakage-free air valve sealed with O-ring
  • replaceable tank base.
Maximum operating pressure 8.6 bar
Pre-pressure 1.4 bar
Size of connection 1″ Male
Tank orientation Vertical
Approval Drinking Water Vertical/NZS 4020


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