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Home Water Assessment Kit  – 711305

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Home Water Assessment Kit – Includes 1 x E.coli Vial, 10 x Test Strips & 1 x Assessment Kit Booklet – 810165
Technical Specifications
Brand Bianco Aqua
Product Type Home Water Assessmetn Kit

HomeWater Assessment Kit

Water is the second most important thing in our lives (after air) and it is important that it is safe to drink our health depends on it. Not all water is safe to drink, rural water supplies are at a higher risk of contamination.

This kit is designed to give an indication only if common issues are present. Common issues include those which are a nuisance (e.g. they cause staining or taste problems) as well as those which may pose a risk to your health. If any issues are found then please contact your place of purchase for advice you may need to have a water analysis done by an accredited laboratory to resolve the issues

The HomeWater Assessment Kit is used to test the following:
Parameter Application
E. coli/Coliform: Bacteria Drinking water, Pool & Spa, Aquarium
Total Hardness: 0-425PPM Drinking water, Pool & Spa, Aquarium
Free Chlorine: 0-10PPM Drinking water, Pool & Spa, Aquarium
Iron: 0-500PPM Drinking water
Copper: 0-10PPM Drinking water
Lead: 0-500PPM Drinking water
Nitrate: 0-500PPM Drinking water, Aquarium
Nitrite: 0-80PPM Drinking water, Aquarium
MPS (Monopersulphate): 0-20PPM 0-20PPM
Total Chlorine: 0-10PPM Drinking water, Pool & Spa, Aquarium
Fluoride: 0-100PPM Drinking water
Cyanuric Acid: 0-250PPM Pool & Spa
Ammonia Chloride: 0-500PPM Drinking water
QUAT/QAC: 0-40PPM Pool & Spa
Total Alkalinity: 0-240PPM Pool & Spa, Aquarium
Carbonate: 0-240PPM Aquarium
pH: 6-9 Drinking water, Pool & Spa, Aquarium
Testing Instructions:
E.Coli and Coliform vial

E.Coli and coliform presence is an indicator of water being contaminated with faeces and can pose serious health risks. Water is not considered fit for human consumption if E.Coli is detected.

The media in the vial is non-toxic and therefore poses no significant hazard provided directions for use are followed. DO NOT INGEST. Do not attempt to open the vials after test or dispose of content down your sink

If any E.Coli or other coliform bacteria are detected, the water either be boiled before use or not consumed until the issue is resolved. Further investigation of the system and disinfection of the water will be required.
Drinking Water Indicator Strips:

  1. Collect a sample in a clean container
  2. Dip a test strip into the water for 2 seconds
  3. Tap sideways onto a paper towel to remove excess water
  4. Wait 60 seconds
  5. Compare the test pads to the colour chart

If any of your levels are in the ‘Red Zone’ when you read the colour chart, this means levels of this substance are undesirable.

Contact your place of purchase for advice, further testing and investigation will be needed.






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