Polymaster PT05 100LT Licker Drum


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Polymaster PT05 100LT Licker Drum

  • 880 L x 700 W x 420 H (mm)
  • All poly proven design
  • Urea feeding and bloat control
  • Popular with cattle
  • Removable roller for cleaning
  • Floating roller – no metal bearings

*CAUTION – Special care should be taken when administrating urea and other supplements, excess consumption can cause death*

Polymaster makes hygienic calf feeding as easy and affordable as possible within Australia. A must for every calf rearer, our comprehensive range of calfaterias (milkmaid feeders) have been thoroughly tested and proven to efficiently feed calves from the first day through to weaning. When you think calf feeding, think Polymaster. A must for every calf rearer. Polymaster has the largest range of feeders, made in Victoria, for Australia.





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