Puretec R0270 Reverse Osmosis Undersink Water Filter System


Puretec R0270 Reverse Osmosis Undersink Water Filter System
Puretec PRO270 Reverse Osmosis systems are very versatile with the garden tap connection supplied. The systems can be simply transferred for all
its different applications. They are highly effective in removal of 98 % of suspended particles, sediment, salt, bacteria, chemicals, cysts pesticides,
heavy metals, chlorine, taste and odour with optional post filter

Model Number: PRO270
Maximum Flow: 270 litres per day
Micron Rating: 0.0005 micron ultra fine
Replacement Cartridges And Accessories:

  • Sediment Removal PX051
  • Taste & Odour Removal CB951
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane RET1812-75

Min/Max Temperature: 0 – 30°C
Min/Max Pressure: 300 – 875 kPa
Maximum Inlet TDS: 2,000 mg/L
Maximum Hardness: 171 mg/L – (10 grain)
Warranty 3 years^

• Portable for using in different positions
• Connects easily to garden tap
• Complete with wall mounting bracket
• 0.0005 micron ultrafine reverse osmosis membrane filtration

• Garden Tap Connector
• Membrane
• Cartridges
• Spanner wrench
• Valve



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