Rain Harvesting Tank Overflow 90° Bends


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Rain Harvesting 90° Tank Overflow Bends

Purpose built true 90° bends designed for rainwater tank overflows. Fit the bend directly into your overflow to allow your overflow pipes to be installed with a tight fit parallel to your tank wall.

TATO10 | 90mm
TATO19 | 100mm


Using the bend to direct water away from your overflow

Simply use PVC solvent glue to glue the bend directly to your overflow in the direction required. Depending on whether your overflow has a male (spigot) or female (socket) fitting, you may require an adaptor. Then glue in pipework onto the fitting as required.

Using the bend as a high level overflow

Note that we also have a range of overflows with flanges which are better suited to be used as an overflow if you prefer to use this style.

  1. Mark the centerpoint of where the overflow will sit.
  2. Use a holesaw with the same diameter as the bend to drill a hole in the tank. Remove any swarf or flashing from the hole.
  3. Insert the bend through the hole, facing the bend upwards.
  4. Silicon around the bend as required to secure it in place. Then glue in pipework onto the fitting as required.



Rain Harvesting


TATO10 90mm, TATO19 100mm

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