Rain Harvesting Tank Screen



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Rain Harvesting Tank Screen

Mosquito-proof your tank inlets without interrupting the flow of water into your tank with a Rain Harvesting Tank Screen.

Mosquito-proof your tank

With its mosquito-proof 955 micron stainless-steel mesh, the Tank Screen prevents mosquitoes from entering your tank via the tank inlets. Importantly, it still allows for a maximum flow rate of up to 11 litres per second and minimises splashing so you don’t just protect your rainwater – you get more of it.

Stay compliant

In many countries, states and other jurisdictions, mosquito-proof tank inlet screens are mandatory. Rain Harvesting’s mosquito-proof screens are pre-installed by many leading tank manufacturers. And if your tank doesn’t come with a screen, you can install one yourself.

Keep contaminants out

Tank Screens are the final barrier for keeping leaves, debris, mosquitoes and other pests out of your rainwater. Keeping these contaminants out helps to protect the quality of the water you collect.



Rain Harvesting

Inlet Size

300mm TATS11, 400mm TATS12, 500mm TATS02

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