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Reefe 10m Automatic 240V Plug & Play Float Switch


The REEFE series of float switches are suitable for water pumps and professional plumbing systems automation. Guarantee reliable integration with your pump and control equipment.

Technical Specifications

Brand Reefe
Product Type Accessories
Cable (m) 10 m (cable clamp included)
Float Float Included

Pack Weight (KG) : 1.80

It can be used for pressure pumps, centrifugal pumps, for transfer applications or any other submersible pump. All you have to do is put the pump in position, connect up the pipes or hoses and then plug in the float like a double adapter.

Once the float and pump are plugged into power you can secure the float inside the water container, making sure it has plenty of room to actuate on and off.

Designed for 240V with a maximum allowable amperage of 10 Amps. It is an extremely high quality product.

The float has a cable that is 10m long and is double insulate H07RN-F Neoprene for it to last for many years and protect you the user.

The float is lightweight and very simple to install and operate.



  • Protection of manual pumps from running dry
  • Suitable for use in sewage and stormwater stations
  • Pump out and tank fill control
  • Increasing pumping differential for pumps with fixed length float switches
  • Turning pumps off before electronic controls activate, reducing run on times and repriming times
  • High level alarm switch

Features & Benefits

• Neoprene Cables for resistance to chemicals and oils
• Includes easily adjustable counter weight
• Can be configured for close on rise and close on fall operation
• Unique switch design where there is no contact with ball and
switch preventing shorts due to corrosion


Weight 1.80 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 22 cm



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