Southland 25mm JUDO JFY Backwash Filter J8070603


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Southland 25mm JUDO JFY Manual Backwash Water Filter
An economical solution for projection against particulate contamination in incoming water supply, the JUDO JFY Manual Backwash Filter range will handle flow rates of up to 90 liters/minute. The suction scan point backwash system is a highly efficient feature of the JUDO water filter design, achieving excellent screen cleaning with minimal water loss and no interruption to water flow during the backwash operation

  • Used in residential, commercial and industrial application
  • Manual cleaning of filter screen by rotation of lower housing
  • Degree of dirt build up can be easily seen through the viewing glass
  • No interruption to water flow during screen cleaning
  •  No operating costs
  • No cartridges to change
  • Screen size – 100um


Maximum flow rate 75 l/m
Maximum pressure
1600 kpa
Minimum pressure
 200 kpa
Inlet / Outlet size 1” (25mm) BPSM
Screen surface area  79.5 cm²
Maximum tmperature  30°C
Weight  1.8 kg
Backwash time  Manual control 
Backwash Volume  0.3 l/sec
Power requirements  10 litres – 12 litres
Screen sizes available 100 (Standard)

Product Documents

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